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The following information is linked to Els’ article in the Winter Edition of our Magazine

Picture courtesy of The British Museum

Dear Tony
It was very nice to meet you and your group yesterday.
As I mentioned, much of the collection is online with photos. Please go here:
You can type all kinds of search words at the top.
Alternatively, the museum registration number, further down, will take you to an individual work.
Below are the works we looked at yesterday.
Good luck to you all with your calligraphy.
Best wishes,

Calligraphies for Tony Woodhams Group

Kinkoku painting of Orchid Pavilion (calligrapher in the pavilion is Wang Xizhi)

Sutra on indigo paper

Obaku Zen calligraphy by Mokuan

Zen circle calligraphy by Ranzan
Not yet formally acquired

Tales of Ise paintings with courtier calligraphies (album leaves)
1881,1210,0.327 to 1881,1210,0.334

Go Shun (Gekkei). Portrait of Basho.

Miyamoto Chikkei
Album of autumn haiku by Basho

Uozumi Keizan
Pair of two-fold screens reading ‘Performance’ and ‘Resonance’