CPS Rules



1            Title

The name of the Society shall be Cinque Ports Scribes.


2            Aims

To encourage interest in and the practice of calligraphy and the use of letterforms in other media, and to raise standards of practice and appreciation in this field by discussions, lectures, workshops, exhibitions.


3            Membership

Membership shall be open to anyone who is interested in calligraphy and/or lettering and is interested in furthering the aims of the Society.


4            Executive Committee and Officers

4.1            The Officers of the Society shall be a Chairman, Honorary Secretary and Honorary Treasurer

4.2a            The Chairman shall be elected at the AGM for a one year term of office and shall be eligible for re-election but shall serve no more than four consecutive terms.

4.2b            The Honorary Treasurer and Honorary Secretary shall be elected at the AGM for a one year term of office and shall be eligible for re-election without restriction.

4.2c            Ordinary Committee Members shall number four and shall be elected at the AGM for a two year term of office and shall be eligible for re-election and shall serve no more than two consecutive terms.  In order to maintain continuity on the Executive Committee, one Ordinary Member shall be elected to serve a one year term of office and shall be eligible for re-election in the following year for a two year term and may then serve one further two year term.

4.3            Nominations for the Officers and Executive Committee should be sent to the Honorary Secretary at least one calendar month prior to the AGM.  If insufficient nominations are submitted prior to the AGM then they can be put forward at the meeting.

4.4            The Executive Committee shall have the power to co-opt and appoint members to the Committee for specific tasks, up to a maximum of three.  Such appointments shall be held until the following AGM, following which they may again be co-opted on the same terms at the first meeting of the new Executive Committee.

5            Finance

5.1            The financial year shall be from 1 December to 30 November following.

5.2            Each member shall pay an annual subscription of £15.00.  Any change of subscription must be ratified by a two-thirds majority of members at the AGM.  Membership shall be deemed to have lapsed if the annual subscription has not been received by the last day of December.

5.3            Attendance at lectures, demonstrations, workshops etc shall be charged at a fee sufficient to cover their costs, the fee to be determined by the Executive Committee or its appointee. Non– members are welcome at all workshops but will be charged an extra £5 per day membership for each attended. At the given cut-off date, Members will be given first refusal for all workshops, after which spaces will be given to non-members.

5.4           Payments from the funds of the CPS shall be authorised by the Executive Committee and made in cash, or by a cheque signed by any two of the following: Treasurer, Chairman and Secretary.

5.5           Copies of the accounts of the Society shall be circulated annually to all before being present to the next AGM for adoption


6            Meetings

6.1            The Society shall hold an Annual General Meeting as soon as possible after the end of the financial year.

6.2            Notice of any General Meeting, with a copy of the Agenda, shall be sent to all members of the Society not less than 21 days before the date of the meeting.

6.3            Other meetings, lectures, workshops etc shall be held as decided by the Executive Committee, or arranged by a person delegated by said Committee.  Such person shall be directly responsible to the Committee for such arrangements.

6.4            An Extraordinary General Meeting shall be convened at the request of the Chairman or of any ten members who shall put their request to the Secretary in writing, together with an agenda and motions duly proposed and seconded for consideration at the meeting.  The meeting shall be convened within sixty days of receipt of the request.

6.5            Motions for revisions of the Rules must be submitted to an AGM, or an EGM, convened for the purpose.  Such motions must secure in their favour at least two thirds of the votes cast in order to succeed.

6.6           All other motions and amendments shall be decided by a simple majority, the Chairman having the casting vote in the case of a tie.

6.7            The Quorum at a General Meeting shall be ten members.



7            Conduct of Members

7.1            Membership of the Cinque Ports Scribes, or the initials CPS or MCPS, shall not be used for professional purposes.

7.2            Where the Executive Committee is of the opinion that a member has been guilty of conduct of such a nature as to be discreditable to the Society it shall have the right to request the resignation of that member and there shall be no refund of monies to that member.  The member shall have the right of appeal to a meeting of the Executive Committee, or to a General Meeting of the Society.


8            Dissolving the Cinque Ports Scribes

In the event of dissolving the Society six weeks’ notice of intent must be given for an EGM, or similar notice of intent at the AGM.  The Society may be dissolved by ratification of a two thirds majority of members voting at that meeting.  The available funds shall be transferred to an organisation having similar aims, chosen by the Executive Committee and approved at the EGM or AGM.


                                                                                          February 1993


AMENDMENT 1995 AGM                        5.2            Annual Subscription £6.00

AMENDMENT 2001 AGM                        5.2            Annual Subscription £7.50

AMENDMENT 2005 AGM                        5.2            Annual Subscription £10.00

AMENDMENT 2009 AGM                        5.2            Annual Subscription £12.50

AMENDMENT 2012 AGM                        5.3            Workshop additional cost to non-members

AMENDMENT 2012 AGM                        5.1            Changed accounts year end