CPS within Xross-PolyNation Art Gallery, Maidstone

Call for calligraphic work from CPS members, to be sold within Xross-PolyNation

tea roomXross-PolyNation, the new art gallery in ‘Starnes Court’, Union Street, in Maidstone, opened its doors to the public (soft launch) on 1 September 2015. The Opening Launch runs from Monday 19th –  Friday 30th October 2015, with the Private View (by invitation only) on Thursday 22nd October, 6-9pm.

4 of our members currently have calligraphic work up for sale in the gallery, under the label of CPS. They are: Jan Turner, Meg Chapman, Steve Eades and myself, Els Van Den Steen.

The offer of selling calligraphy in Xross-PolyNation is open to all members of the CPS, as long as your work has as a message. A message of peace, love, respect, positiveness, mindfulness and British values is what Ravinder Kalsi, the owner of the gallery, is looking for. Mrs Kalsi is a curator who has taken art across the globe as an ambassador for art.

The gallery is new, but the idea of Xross-PolyNation ‘crossing nations with art’ and ‘equality, diversity and unity through art’ has been going for 15 years through Mrs Kalsi. ‘Xross-PolyNation aims to promote cross-cultural exchange through art in an exciting and emotive exhibition, and in some way, enable a richer fabric that strengthens ties between diverse regions of the world.’ There are different sections in the gallery: Painting, Ceramics & Pottery, Sculpture, Calligraphy. The CPS wall is upstairs (there is no lift). Ravinder is delighted to have our group on board, after seeing our exhibition at Canterbury in May this year.

Xross-PolyNation will exhibit artwork from across the globe and the local area. In November 2015 there will be an exhibition of work by the Nigerian Art Society. The gallery has an Event Schedule (please scroll through the press release in In Maidstone for further information).

It is exciting for the CPS to be part of Xross-PolyNation and its ethos, to connect with artists from across the world in spreading positive and mindful messages and thus contribute to a more tolerant world. It is a unique opportunity for us to promote our group and to raise the profile of calligraphy as an art that communicates messages instantly, clearly and on different levels.

Xross-PolyNation promotes its artists and the artists’ work on the Xross-PolyNation website, on Facebook and on Twitter.

If you would like to sell your calligraphic work and/or cards in the Xross-PolyNation Gallery, as a member CPS, please contact me on els.vandensteen@hotmail.co.uk, and I will  send you further information on how to do this and the cost.

We would also like to sell calligraphic cards, prints & 3D-work from CPS members, all in the same spirit of positiveness, respect, mindfulness, love and peace.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Els Van Den Steen

Venue: Xross-PolyNation 3 & 4 Starnes Court,

Maidstone, Kent, ME14 1EB.  Tel: 01622 299043

Hours: Open daily, 10am-5pm (closed Sundays)

Website: http://www.xrosspolynation.co.uk/
The current CPS display in the Xross-PolyNation Gallery in Maidstone

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