Saturday 7th September 2019 (10am – 4pm)
Tutor: Els Van Den Steen
£25 members / £30 non-members

Suitable for: All levels

Embossing is the raising of letters and shapes above the surrounding (paper) surface.  The raised design casts subtle shadows, creating a 3D effect and the play of light and shadow brings a new dimension to your work.  An embossed design can stand alone or be part of a calligraphic piece, producing a sophisticated look.  The embossing technique can easily be learned.  You will make and cut re-useable templates for embossing.  Once your design has been embossed you will learn how this can be further enhanced with a touch of colour (if you like) or with further embossed decorative shapes, creating multi-layered effects.  This simple embossing technique is very versatile and well worth exploring to bring a new dimension to your work.

You will need:

  • Materials – no board needed


    • 2 x A3 sheets approx 200 gsm – 1 black, 1 white or both white (smooth or textured) heavy cartridge is fine
    • Off cuts of white paper, A4 or smaller; smooth and textured if possible, 200-300 gsm cartridge/watercolour/soft printmaking paper or handmade paper
    • Tracing paper
    • Few sheets layout paper/photocopier paper
    • Thin plain card (cereal packet thickness)
    • Colour magazine for gluing on

    Writing tools

    • HB pencil, sharpener, soft eraser
    • Hard pencil at least 6H
    • Black fineliner
    • Dip pens in different sizes + old toothbrush for cleaning nibs
    • Automatic pens nos 4 + 5 if you have them – no need to buy
    • Soft colouring pencils
    • Optional : gold/silver gel pen

    Other tools + materials

    • Scalpel with new blade (size 10A) + spare blade OR craft knife with fine pointed blade + spare blade
    • Embossing tools with large and small heads (these are usually sold as a set of 2 or 3). As an alternative you can use the rounded end of a paintbrush, an empty ballpoint pen or knitting needle
    • We will be using the windows as our lightbox. If standing is a problem for you, please bring a small lightbox and an extension lead (Els will bring hers to share)
    • A sharp embroidery needle + blunt tapestry needle
    • Bone folder or butter knife
    • Cutting mat – A4 or larger
    • Ruler if possible with metal cutting edge (no need to buy one)
    • Scissors
    • Masking rape/repositionable tape
    • Small Pritt stick or similar
    • Water dropper or pipette
    • Watercolour paints, mixing brush, mixing palette (no need to buy these)
    • Brush with fine point and good spring – approx. size 2
    • Gold/silver watercolour paint or guache (no need to buy these)
    • 2 water pots
    • Kitchen roll or rag