Monochrome Magic

Saturday 18th April 2020, 10am – 4pm
Venue: Hastingleigh
Tutor: Jan Pickett
£25 members / £30 non-members

Suitable for: All levels

An exciting journey exploring monochromatic colour schemes, starting with a single colour, extending it to produce a tantalising range of tints, shades and tones using men made and drawn letter forms. A fun filled tonal treat to keep spice in our calligraphic lives.

You will need: 

  • Range of gouache colours. Must include black, zinc white (for mixing) and permanent white
  • Black ink
  • Good quality watercolours (tubes or pans)
  • Waterpots, mixing palettes, mixing brushes
  • A few good quality pointed sable brushes
  • Tracing paper, pencils, ruler and set square
  • Clean eraser, plus at least one to cut as a rubber stamp
  • Ink stamping pads (black/coloured) we can share
  • Compass to draw circles
  • Dry glue stick
  • A range of edged pen nib sizes from small to large, including automatic pens
  • Cutting knife, spare blades, and a cutting mat
  • Pen with pointed nib
  • Your favourite hot pressed paper(s) around 250gsm, A3-ish sizes okay
  • Black and coloured papers (smaller sizes are fine)
  • Heavy weight cartridge paper for trials


  • Water soluble coloured pencils
  • Dry pastels
  • Some quotes/texts (perhaps think dawn/light/dusk/dark etc)