Previous Workshops

Details of previous workshops. For photos taken at the workshops please see the gallery pages

2020 Workshops (Gallery)

Quill Cutting, Mark L’Argent
Diploma Preparation, Marion McKenzie (Cancelled)
Monochromatic Magic, Jan Pickett (Cancelled)
Simple Printing, Sue Smith (Cancelled)
Hierarchy of Scripts, Gemma Black (Cancelled)
Copperplate, Joy Daniels (Cancelled)

2019 Workshops (Gallery)

Developing Diploma Skills, Mary Noble and Gaynor Goffe (3 and 4)
All About Colour, Ann Roach
Gold, Toni Watts
Journalling, Sue Smith and Ally Trelfer
Bringing Half Uncials Into The 21st Century, Marion McKenzie
Lettering As Drawing (Outline & Overlap), Margaret Morgan
Large Italic With Automatic Pens, Rachel Yallop
Embossing, Els Van Den Steen
Multi Text / Broad Panels, Josie Brown
Writing On Vellum, Tina Warren

2018 Workshops (Gallery)

A Sense of Place (Handmade maps with lettering), Helen Scholes
What Surface, Rosella Garavaglia
Back to basics (and then some), Sue Smith
Tunnel books and writing in a circle, Jan Pickett
Bookbinding / BB Cloth Making, Helen Gibbs
Retro Deco, Gemma Black
Mouse (Pointed Pen) Roman, Janet Smith
Developing Diploma Skills, Mary Noble and Gaynor Goffe (1 and 2)
Blackletter Update, Julia Baxter

2017 Workshops (Gallery)

Regional Day working
David Jones’ Lettering, Link Kerr
Islamic Illustrations, Tim Noad
Potential with Pencils, Margaret McKenzie
Modern Versals, Jan Mehigan
Family Tree, Sylvie Gokulsing
Secret Belgian Bindings, Viva Lloyd
Neuland Revisited, Jan Turner
Expressive Letters, Celia Lister

2016 Workshops (Gallery)

Renaissance Decorated Capitals, Julia Baxter & Frances Liddiard
Letters of Adolf Bernd, Lin Kerr
Box Making, Sarah Bryant
Secrets of Spencerian, James Farrell
Emphasis and Contrast, Mary Noble
Free and Abstract Large Brush Calligraphy, Rachel Yallop
Anglo Saxon Minuscules, Mark L’Argent
Exploiting Principles of Design, Josie Brown
Lino Cut Christmas, Michael Rust

2015 Workshops (Gallery)

Medieval Decorated Capitals, Julia Baxter & Frances Liddiard
Pen Manipulation, Mary Noble
Pointed Italics and variants, Gaynor Goffe
Rhythm and Texture, Sue Smith
Fraktur, Gemma Black
Pointed Pen Uncial, Joy Daniels
Flat Brush Roman Capitals, Mary Noble
Fun Foldies, Jan Pickett

2014 Workshops (Gallery)

Celtic Decorated Capitals – Julia Baxter & Frances Liddiard
Dry Layering Techniques – Josie Brown
Inspired by the V&A (Part 1) – Cherrell Avery
Inspired by the V&A (Part 2) – Cherrell Avery
Batarde – Els Van Den Steen
Simple Illustrations – Ann Roach
Japanese Brush Calligraphy – Akemi Lucas
Modern Brush Lettering – Rosella Garavaglia
Romanesque Decorated Capitals – Julia Baxter & Frances Liddiard

2013 Workshops (Gallery)

Journey from Traditional to Contemporary – Sally Mae Joseph
Black and white, formal informal – Jan Pickett
Fathoming flourishes with a pointy pen – Margaret Khan
Simple modern gilding – Margaret Morgan
Design, Cut, Paste, Print workshop – Lin Kerr
Photoshop II – Kelly Flatman
Flourished Italics – Gaynor Goffe
Letters Unleashed – Cherrell Avery
Fun with foundation – Sue Smith

2012 Workshops (Gallery)

White on white – Margaret Khan (20th anniversary project)
Exhibition Focus – Mary Noble (4 linked workshops)
Uncials Unleashed – Vivien Lunniss
Alternative Books II – Shirley Davison
Manuscript Book Design – Ian Garrett
Bookbinding – Sue Hufton
Decorated Capitals – Julia Baxter & Frances Liddiard

2011 Workshops (Gallery)

Writing on Schlag Metal – Marion McKenzie
26 Soldiers – Lin Kerr
Livening up your Calligraphy – Mary Noble
Sacred Geometry – Ann Hechle
Combined Skills – Various CPS Tutors
Calligraphic Texture – Sue Smith
Modern Black Letter II – Julia Baxter
Neuland – Jan Turner
Monoline Capitals – Mark L’Argent

2010 Workshops (Gallery)

Creative Colour – Jan Mehigan
Cut Letters – Jan Pickett
Embossing – Penny Price
Photoshop – Kelly Flatman
Copperplate – Margaret Khan
Teeny Weeny Writing II – Mary Noble
Script – Gaynor Goffe
Alternative Books – Shirley Davison
Black Letter Modern – Julia Baxter

2009 Workshops (Gallery)

Calligraphy hanging – Margaret Khan (letter of the alphabet)
Ruling and Cola Pen – Euan McGregor
Teeny Writing – Mary Noble
Writing pictures/drawing letters – Mary Noble
Hebrew Calligraphy – Sylvie Gokulsing
New Perspectives with Paper – Cherrell Avery
Rotunda Hand – Viva Lloyd
In the beginning – Sue Smith (Summer School)
Triple X Mix – Ally and Meg
Gilding – Jan Mehigan
Creative Colour for all Occasions – Jan Pickett

2008 Workshops (Gallery)

Cadells – David Harris
A Surface Less Ordinary – Frances Pickering
Carolingian – Gaynor Goffe
Layering – Cherrell Avery
Lombardic/Mixed Versals – Jan Mehigan
Haiku in Calligraphy – Nancy Ouchida-Howells
Sense of Place – Sally-Mae Joseph
Adopt, Adapt and Move on – Sue Smith
Hinged Diptych – Ally Trelfer & Meg Chapman
Cartography – Ally Trelfer
Italic Flourishes – Mary Noble

2007 Workshops

Half Uncials – Sylvie Gokulsing
Envelopes into Book and Social – CPS members
Gilding – Jan Mehigan
Copperplate – Margaret Khan
Drawn and Painted Lettering – Hazel Dolby
Black on White, White on Black – Mary Noble
Rustics – Paul Antonio
Decorated Contemporary Capitals – Jan Pickett
Cadels – David Harris
Styles of Illumination – Tim Noad
Oriental Inspirations – Ewan Clayton

2006 Workshops

Glorious Papers – Ruth Issett
Foundation in Italic – Ian Garrett
Contemporary Carolingian – Mark L’Argent
Angled Uncials – James Skinner
Calligraphic Gifts – Nancy Ouchida-Howells
Letters Unlimited – Jan Pickett
Beyond Celtic Knots – Viva Lloyd
Experiments with Capitals Variations – Gaynor Goffe
Oriental Inspirations – Ewan Clayton

If you are aware of what workshops were held in 2003, 2004 and 2005 please let me know – Thanks, Tony.

2002 Workshops

Foundation with Variations – Margaret Daubney
Vibrant Versals – Jan Mehigan
Raised Gilding with Easy Gesso – Lorna Banbury
Pottery Letters – David Trelfer
Cut Paper Lettering and Designs – Jan Pickett
Gothic Precisus – Paul Antonio
Formal Brush Writing – Tom Kemp
Think with Ink – Ewan Clayton
Exhibition Inspiration and Preparation – CPS Committee

If you are aware of what workshops were held prior to 2001 please let me know – Thanks, Tony.