Quill Cutting

Saturday 14th March 2020, 10am – 4pm
Venue: Hastingleigh
Tutor: Mark L’Argent
£25 members / £30 non-members

Suitable for: All levels

In this workshop you’ll learn about the differences between quills and other feathers, also about quill knives and other knives. How to prepare a quill, treat it, cut it and write with it

You will need: 

  • Your board if you use one
  • A small amount of good quality paper
  • Some ink
  • (and presumably your usual calligraphy equipment except of course nibs)

The tutor will bring all the preparation materials. 

Quills will be supplied for a small charge on the day

If attendees want to bring along knives, and their own feathers for identification (is it a quill knife, is this a quill) they are welcome to so