Simple Printing

Saturday 9th May 2020, 10am – 4pm
Venue: Hastingleigh
Tutor: Sue Smith
£25 members / £30 non-members

Suitable for: All levels

Looking at examples of less traditional lettering we will work as a group towards producing an alphabet of freely formed letters mono-printed as line drawings. The resulting prints may then be embellished using watercolour. There will be a small charge on the day for specialist materials

Photos to follow

You will need: 

  • Layout paper/light cartridge paper or computer paper
  • 1 full sized sheet of good quality watercolour paper 56 x 76 approx, and 200 – 250 gms weight. The surface may be hot or cold press but not rough. 
  • A fine and medium black felt tip or gel pen
  • One bright coloured pencil – not black 
  • A fine knitting needle or etching or embellishing tool – something with a reasonably fine point which is NOT sharp. An old used up biro or gel pen i.e. no ink!  would also do the job
  • Roller ( used for lino cutting ) 
  • Kitchen paper 
  • Cleaning rag
  • Watercolours, palette, water pots and a few sizes of decent brushes 
  • Apron
  • Hair dryer 

Don’t buy anything special except the watercolour paper but be prepared to share.