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Dear Member

I have pleasure in writing with details of our proposed CPS exhibitions for 2015, to be held at Eastbridge Hospital, which is an historic venue in Canterbury High Street, and the set up and take down dates are: setting-up on Friday 15th May and the take-down on Sunday 24th May (exhibition runs from 16th – 23rd May not uncluding Sunday). A selection of works will go forward to the Hythe Library Gallery, Oaklands, Stade Street, Hythe, Kent, from Wednesday, 8th July, to Wednesday, 12 August, 2015, which coincides with the Hythe Festival time.

On behalf of the CPS Committee we would like to encourage members to support the exhibitions by joining the ‘exhibiting group’ and hope you will rise to the occasion by submitting work. Members of all levels are welcome to join, and everyone will be asked to help and take a turn at stewarding at Canterbury. In view of this we have introduced a new system for submitting work, detailed in the attached forms, which are self-explanatory, and we hope will make it simpler for everyone.

We will be holding a meeting for all members who are interested in exhibiting at 2pm at subScribe in Hastingleigh on February 21st. This will assist us in planning the event and organising a rota for stewarding etc. If you are concerned about adverse weather conditions, please check the CPS website for updates before setting out on your journey, or ‘phone me or Julia if you are not online.

We would like to invite members to submit entries on an expansion of the ‘Remember Me’ WWI and code writing theme from the Folkestone Triennial project, also taking in the general theme of Memories, and the Last Word and ‘Letters After Lindisfarne’ book projects, or it can be any piece of your own choice, but it would be good to have some new work entered.

In addition to wall space for artwork we will also have display cabinets at both venues and the opportunity to submit books, miniatures, cut and painted lettering on cloth, stone or wood and other artwork. You may submit as many items as you like (space permitting!).

There will also be the opportunity to sell cards and other calligraphic gifts, although if you are considering this option you will need to package and clearly price and label the items in advance. Hythe library is insisting that all the artwork is fixed to the wall with mirror plates or locked in the display cabinet, so if you are considering, for example, selling handmade calligraphic cards, or gifts, I suggest you limit it to one or two designs for display, and then pre-pack the actual items for sale, which the library can store behind the counter.

To help the committee plan for this exhibition please complete the entry form Entry Form A to arrive by post to Julia Baxter at Nursery House, Deal Road, Sandwich, Kent, CT13 0BU or handed in at the meeting on February 21. Entry Form B will form the price list and exhibition guide for the stewards/library so please complete it and hand it in with your artwork. You will also need to complete your own labels, a template for which will be provided to all entrants. Please read the details on the forms for further information. Before submitting your entries, please also read the guidelines below, and be careful to observe the copyright regulations as outlined.

Just to let you know that we are also hoping to organise an informal, social gathering for all members on the first Saturday, May 16th, at the Eastbridge Hospital venue in Canterbury, followed by a meal at a Canterbury restaurant. We will let you have further information about this as soon as the details are confirmed.

I hope this is helpful and we look forward to receiving your entries, and thank you in advance for your support.

With kind regards

Frances Liddiard


Guidelines for entries to the 2015 Cinque Ports Scribes Exhibitions

All entries must be the original work of the artist. The pieces of work will not be restricted to a maximum overall size when framed but if you are planning to submit a large piece of work (or something heavy or that might be difficult to display) – in order to avoid disappointment – it is advisable to discuss it with the committee first. Any member of the CPS is able to submit work. The hanging committee will select from the work submitted. Although it is hoped that all entries will be displayed, the hanging committee will make the final decision based on the space available at the venues.   The CPS will be subject to the conditions of use of the venues, as stipulated in the contract with the Eastbridge Hospital and the KCC, and they retain the right to exclude particular works for public exhibition where necessary.

Copyright and choosing your text
You can select any text you wish on or inspired by the chosen theme for the exhibition, but anything written by anyone who has not been dead for 70 years will be subject to copyright regulations. Occasionally the author’s Trustees hold copyright even after their death (A A Milne and Great Ormond Street Hospital, for example). Additionally anything written by an author who died 70 years ago, but which has been translated or re-worked by someone who did not die 70 or more years ago is also subject to copyright regulations. Please note this particularly for classical and historical authors. Copyright applies also to writings by friends, or where you are acquainted with an author and they have asked you to interpret their text. Don’t feel that you can then use only Shakespeare or similarly long dead writers. If you have obtained your text from a published source, then write to the publishers. Ask them for permission to use the text of the author which will be interpreted calligraphically and submitted for an exhibition where it may be selected to be on display. Offer to pay a small consideration for so doing. Very rarely will they want this. On almost every occasion they will allow you to do this for nothing, but you do need written confirmation of the fact that they are allowing you to do this. Ask them also if the wording of “© (name), reproduced by kind permission”, will be acceptable to them, or ask what words they want you to use. If the person has not published the text, then contact them directly with the same request. Sometimes offering a copy of the work is a good sweetener! If applicable, please enclose this written permission, or a photocopy of it, when you deliver your entry(s). Your work cannot enter the exhibition without this permission and you must take full responsibility for this, not the CPS.

‘Work for Sale’ and ‘Not for Sale’

Please indicate on your entry form B if the piece is ‘Not for Sale’ (NFS) or ‘For Sale’. (If your work is NFS you will still need to provide an insurance value for the venues). There will not be a commision taken at Eastbridge. There is a commission of 20% payable to Hythe library for artwork, or 15% on merchandise, (plus VAT) on any sales resulting from the exhibition. It is the Artist’s responsibility to provide the venues with clear, correct information with regard to sales as per form B and the corresponding labels.


Although every possible care will be taken of your Artwork the CPS does not provide insurance for exhibits. If you wish it insure your work you should make your own arrangements to take out adequate insurance cover, otherwise all artwork is submitted entirely at your own risk.   This also includes the time the artwork is being stored or transported by a CPS member.

Submitting Artwork – deadlines and guidelines

Artwork for hanging must be glazed and framed. You will not need mirror plates for Canterbury, but we will have to attach them on any artwork going to Hythe. You will also need to write your name and address and title of the work on the reverse together with a copy of the label. It is your responsibility to make sure that your artwork has adequate packaging to protect it during transportation. It would be helpful if the packaging is clearly labelled so in order that we can re-package it easily when the exhibition is dismantled. It is also your responsibility to make arrangements to collect your artwork on the closing date/s of the exhibitions – although we may be able to store some of the artwork going forward to Hythe.