2021 Workshops

This page shows selected photos from our 2021 workshops.

  • Gold – Mary Noble (Online)
  • Hierarchy of Scripts – Gemma Black (Online)
  • Ruling Pen – Rachel Yallop (Online)
  • Calligraphic Knitting – Sue Smith (face to face)
  • Monochrome Magic – Jan Pickett (face to face)
  • Japanese Box making – Sue Doggett (face to face)

Fewer workshops were held due to the global pandemic

We generally try to show around half a dozen from each workshop (more if two day workshops), but sometimes put some more on our Facebook page.

Please click on a picture for a larger view and to access a carousel version of the gallery.

Japanese Box Making – Sue Doggett

Monochrome Magic – Jan Pickett

Calligraphy Knitting – Sue Smith

Ruling Pen – Rachel Yallop

Hierarchy of Scripts – Gemma Black

Gold – Mary Noble