Augusto’s Library

The wife of the late CPS member Augusto Fiorani kindly donated all his calligraphy books to The Cinque Ports Scribes. These are held as a separate libray by Els Van Den Steen and may also be borrowed by members

Please contact Els or a committee member if you wish to borrow a particular book.


Advanced Calligraphy Techniques,Diana Hoare

Alphabet and Elements of Lettering – The,Frederic W Goudy

Alphabet at Work,William Gardner

Anatomy of letters – The,Charles Pearce

Annals of Printing,W T Berry & H E Poole

Art of Calligraphy – The,Marie Angel

Art of Colour Calligraphy – The,Mary Noble & Adrian Waddington

Art of Fine Lettering – The,Sister Michaeline Lesiak

Art of Illuminated Lettering & Heraldry – The,Barbara Bundy

Art of Limming – The,Pub SSI

Artist & Alphabet – 20th Century Calligraphy

Beautiful Alphabet – The,Johannes Muess

Beginner’s Guide to Calligraphy,Janet Mehigan & Mary Noble

Beyone Words – Exhibition catalogue,University of Sunderland

Black Letter Primer – Gothic Letters,Paul Shaw

Book Illumination in the Middle Ages,Otto Pacht

Book of Formal Scripts – A,John Woodcock

Book of Kells – The,Bernard Meehan

Book of Scripts – A (2 copies 1960 & 1977),Alfred Fairbank

Books Boxes and Portfolios,Franz Zeier

Brush Lettering – An instructional manual,Marilyn Reaves & Eliza Schulte

Calligrapher’s Bible – The,David Harris

Calligrapher’s Dictionary – The,Rose Folsom

Calligraphy – easel does it,Nancy Ouchida-Howells

Calligraphy for the beginner,Tom Gourdie

Calligrapher’s Handbook – The,Healther Child

Calligraphy in Graphic Arts,Michael Harvey

Calligraphy: Inspiration Innovation Communication,David Harris

Calligraphy of Lloyd J Reynolds – The,Gunderson & Lehman

Calligraphic Swash Italics,Arthur Baker

Calligraphy Manual – The,Arthur Baker

Calligraphy of the Middle Ages – How to,Marc Drogin

Calligraphy Sample – The,Charles Pearce

Calligraphy – Stroke by Stroke,Annie Moring

Calligraphy Teacher’s Manual – A,Cape Calligraphy Teacher’s Guild

Calligraphy Techniques to get you started,Maureen Sullivan

Calligraphy Techniques,John Lancaster

Calligraphy Today (1976),Heather Child

Calligraphy,Claude Mediavilla

Calligraphy Art and Colour,Peter Halliday

Calligraphy Illumination & Heraldry,Patricia Lovett

Calligraphy  A guide to Hand Lettering,Margaret Morgan

Celtic & Anglo-Saxon Painting,Carl Nordenfalk

Celtic Art: Methods of Construction,George Bain

Celtic Calligraphy,Vivien Lunniss

Celtic Design & Ornament for Calligraphers,Jack Mackinder

Celtic Design: A Beginner’s Manual,Aidan Meehan

Celtic Design: Illuminated Letters,Aidan Meehan

Celtic Design: Knotwork,Aidan Meehan

Celtic Hand – Stroke by Stroke,Arthur Baker

Celtic Illumination,Courtney Davis

Celtic Illumination: The Irish School,Courtney Davis

Celtic Knots,Aidan Meehan

Character – The,John Stevens

Complete Calligrapher – The,Frederick Wong

Complete Guide to Heraldry – A,A C Fox-Davies

Contemporary British Lettering (1984),Michael Taylor Rare Books

Copybook of Renaissance Calligraphy,Arthur Baker

Craft of Calligraphy – The,Dorothy Mahoney

Creative Calligraphy (Instructions & Alphabets),Hermann Zapf

Creative Calligraphy,Marie Lynskey

Creative Lettering & Calligraphy,Peter Halliday

Creative Lettering Today,Michael Harvey

Creative Stroke – The,Richard Emery

Draw your own Celtic Designs,David James

Encyclopedia of Calligraphy & Illumination – The,Janet Mehigan & Mary Noble

Encyclopedia of Calligraphy Techniques – The,Diana Hardy Wilson

Examples of Handwriting 1550-1650,W S B Buck

F W Tamblyn’s Home Instructor in Penmanship,Pub: Ziller

Formal Penmanship & Other pages,Edward Johnston

Golden Age of English Manuscript Painting,Richard Marks & Nigel Morgan

Guide to Heraldry – A,Ottfriend Neubecker

Hand Lettering for Crafts,Sandra Salamony

Handbook for students of Calligraphy,David Nicholls

Handmade Books and Albums,Mary Ryst

Handwriting for Today,Tom Gourdie

Handwriting in America: A Cultural History,Tamara Plakins Thornton

Handwriting: Everyone’s Art,Timothy Wilcox & Ewan Clayton

Historical Scripts (Classical to Renaissance),Stan Knight

Historical Source Book for Scribes – The,M Brown & P Lovett

History & Technique of Lettering – The,Alexander Nesbitt

Now to become a professional Calligrapher,Stuart David

Humanistic Script of the 15th & 16th Centuries,Fairbank & Hunt

Illuminated Alphabet – The,Timothy Noad

Illuminated Manuscripts exhibited in Grenville,Published by British Library

Italian Manuscripts in the Library of Mjr Abbey,Alexander & de la Mare

Italian Renaissance Illuminations,J J G Alexander

Italic Letters: Calligraphy & Handwriting,Inga Dubay & Barbara Getty

Italic Notebook – An,Abraham Lincoln

Italic Writing – a concise guide,W M Aaron

Lessons in Formal Writing,Edward Johnston

Lettercraft,John R Biggs

Lettering,Graily Hewitt

Letters,James Hutchinson

Letters Lines Images,International Exhibition Catalogue

Lindesfarne Gospels – The,Janet Backhouse

Long Tradition – The,Oxford Scribes

Manual of Calligraphy – A,Peter Taylor

Mastering Calligraphy,Timothy Noad

Medieval Calligraphy,Marc Drogin

Medieval Rural Life in Luttrell Psalter,Janet Backhouse

Messiah,Timothy Botts

Miniature dei corali per il Duomo di Siena,Enzo Carli

Modern Scribes & Lettering Artists 1 (1980),Pub: Cassell

Modern Scribes & Lettering Artists 2 (1986),Pub: Trefoil Books

More than Fine Writing: Irene Wellington, Child Collins Hechle & Jackson

Mystic Art of Written Forms – The,Frederich Neugebauer

Of the Just Shaping of Letters,Albrecht Durer

One Hundred Great Calligraphy Tips,Judy Kastin

Pages from Illuminated Lettering,Archibald Knox

Paint your own Illuminated Letters,Stefan Oliver

Painted Labyrinth – Lindesfarne Gospels,Michelle Brown

Painting with Words,Donald Jackson

Pen Lettering,Ann Camp

Pointed Brush Writing Manual,Fran Strom

Practical Calligraphy,John Nash & Gerald Fleuss

Practical Gilding,Peter & Ann MacTaggart

Practical Guide to Calligraphy,Rosemary Sassoon

Painting for Calligraphers,Marie Angel

Primio Belle Lettre Awards,Ed: Carlo Buffa

Roman Lettering,L C Evetts

Roman Writing Tables from Vindolanda – The,Alan K Bowman

Scribe (A scribe’s notebook),George L Thomson

Scribes & Illuminators,Christopher de Hamel

Scribes & Sources (Chancery Hand),Osley & Wolpe

Scripsit: Winter 1999 Vol 21 No2,Washington Calligraphers Guild

Script Lettering for Artists,Tommy Thompson

Secreta (3 methods of laying gold leaf),Joyce Grafe

Sixty Alphabets,Gunnlaugur S E Brienn

Spencarian Penmanship,Pub: Mott Media

Spencarian Script & Ornamental Penmanship,Michael Sull

Spirit of Calligraphy – The,Bow Valley Calligraphy Guild

Starting Calligraphy,Tom Barnard

Step by Step Calligraphy,Susan Hufton

Step by Step Creative Calligraphy,John Smith

Teach Calligraphy? Who me?,Betty J Locke

Teach yourself Calligraphy,Patricia Lovett

Technique of Copperplate Calligraphy – The,Gordon Turner

Technique of Raised Gilding – The,Jerry Tresser

Three Classics of Italian Calligraphy,Dover Publications

Uncommon Numbers Manual – The,Ed: Brenda Casey

Unfolding of Letterforms (1st – 15th Century),Rutherford Aris

Universal Penman – The,George Bickham

Usborne Complete Book of Calligraphy,Caroline Young

Wedding (invitations announcements etc),Bette Matthews

William Gardner’s Book of Calligraphy

Written Letters – 22 Alphabets for Calligraphers,Jaqueline Svaren

Written Letters – 33 Alphabets for Calligraphers,Jaqueline Svaren





Art of Calligraphy – Western Europe & America,Joyce Irene Whally,”£”30

Calligrapher’s Handbook – The,Quill Publishing,”£”4

Complete guide to Calligraphy Techniques,Judy Martin,”£”4

First Writing Book Arrighi’s Operina – The,John Howard Benson,”£”7

Practical Guide to Lettering & Applied Calligraphy,Rosemary Sassoon,”£”4