Main Library

The main CPS library is currently held by Shirley Davison and a selection of books is usually brought along to workshops.

Please contact Shirley or a committee member if you wish to borrow a particular book.


Format: Title, Author

All That Glisters, CLAS Exhibition

An Abecedarium, From Court of Emporer Rudolf II

Art of Calligraphy – The, Joyce Irene Whalley

Art of Calligraphy – The (A practical guide), David Harris

Art of Illuminated Letters – The, T Noad & P Seligman

Art of Medieval manuscripts – The, Kyrstyna Weinstein

Authentic Art Nouveau Alphabets, Ed: Ludwig Petzendorfer

Book of Kells – The, Bernard Meehan

Book of Sample Scripts, Edward Johnston

Bookbinding Techniques, Sue Hufton

Calligrapher’s Companion – The, Mary Noble & Janet Mehigan

Calligrapher’s Project Book, Susanne Haines

Calligraphy, Arthur Baker

Calligraphy, Michael Gullick

Calligraphy Creating Pictures, John Vince

Calligraphy Made Easy, Gaynor Goffe

Calligraphy Masterclass, Peter Halliday

Calligraphy School, G Goffe & A Ravenscroft

Calligraphy Source Book, Miriam Stribley

Calligraphy Techniques, Mary Noble

Calligraphy Today, Heather Child

Calligraphy ’84: Catalogue of SSI recent work – MISSING

Calligraphy with Photoshop, George Thomson

Cambridge Illuminations – The, Catalogue to Fitzwilliam Museum

Celtic Alphabets, Aiden Meehan

Celtic Borders, Aiden Meehan

Celtic Borders – Layout Grids, Mallory Pearce

Celtic Designs, Mallory Pearce

Chinese Painting, James Cahill

Colour Calligraphy, David Graham

Complete Book of Heraldry – The, Stephen Slater

Complete Calligrapher – The, Frederick Wong

Complete Guide to Calligraphy – The, Judy Martin

Complete Guide to Calligraphy – The, Eagle Editions

Craftsman’s Handbook – The, Cennini

Creation a Celebration, Sue Symons

Edward Johnston, Priscilla Johnston

Fine Words Fine Books (SSI) – MISSING

Foundations of Calligraphy, Sheila Waters

Grammar of Ornament – The, Owen Jones

Handbook of Plain and Ornamental Alphabets, published c 1880 (fragile)

Handmade Book – The, Angela James

Hand Made Books, Rob Shepherd

Heaven Sent Grace – A, Nancy Ouchida

Historic Calligraphic Alphabets, Arthur Baker

How to write like this, Rexel Cumberland

Illuminated Alphabets, Patricia Carter

Illuminated book of the Middle Ages – The, H N Humphreys & Owen Jones

Illuminated Calligraphy, Patricia Carter

Illuminated Designs, Patricia Carter

Illuminated Letters, Margaret Morgan

Illuminated Manuscript – The, Janet Backhouse

Illuminated Manuscripts, D M Gill

Illuminating The Word, Christopher Calderhead

Illumination, Christopher Jarman

Islamic Calligraphy, Y H Safadi

Learn Lettering & Calligraphy – step by step, Gail & Christopher Lawther

Left Handed Calligraphy, Vance Studley

10th Anniversary Exhibition Catalogue, Letter Exchange

15th Anniversary Exhibition Catalogue, Letter Exchange

Letters in Gold – Ottoman calligraphy, M Ugar Derman

Lindesfarne Gospels, Janet Backhouse

Lindesfarne Gospels, Michelle Brown

Living Letters, CLAS Exhibition Catalogue

Long Tradition – The, Oxford Scribes

Modern Calligraphy and Hand Lettering, Lisa Engelbrecht

Page after Page, Frances Pickering

Painted Word – The, Dave Wood

Painting for Calligraphers, Marie Angel

Pen & Print – The Legacy of Edward Johnston, EJF & SSI Exhibition Catalogue

Pen Lettering, Ann Camp

Pen Practice, Walter Higgins

Persian Painting, Basil Gray

Practical Guide to Lettering & Applied Calligraphy, Rosemary Sassoon

Saint Agustino di Canterbury (Italian text), Richard Gameson

Skaug Vol Dalen, Ole Selvaer

Story of Calligraphy – The, Patricia Lovett

Story of Writing – The  (2 copies), Donald Jackson

Thames and Hudson manual of typography, Ruari McLean

Thoughtful Gestures, Yves Leterne

Tools and Materials for Calligraphy, Patricia Lovett

Traditional Turkish Designs (CD & Book), Dover Publications

Treasure of Calligraphy (1522-1840), Jan Tschichold

Treasury of Decorative Art – Calligraphy – The, Michael Gullick

Words as Images, SSI Catalogue

Writing & Illumination & Lettering, Edward Johnston

Writing Medieval Scripts, John Lancaster

Writing – The Story of Alphabets and Scripts, New Horizons

Written Word – The, Etiemble