Website change log

10th November 2018, Workshop details uploaded to the events page

4th November 2018, All AGM documents have now been uploaded to the Downloads page

25th September 2018, Photos from Gemma Black’s “Retro Deco” workshop have been added to the  2018 Gallery

8th August 2018, Photos from Helen Gibbs’ “Book cloth” workshop have been added to the  2018 Gallery

3rd August 2018, Photos from Jan Pickett’s “Tunnel Books” workshop have been added to the  2018 Gallery

29th June 2018, 2019 workshops, a preview

18th May 2018, Data Privacy documents added to the Downloads page

3rd May 2018, Photos from Helen Scholes’ “A Sense of Place” maps workshop have been added to the 2018 Gallery

10th April 2018, Photos from Rosella Garavaglia’s “What Surface?” workshop have been added to the 2018 Gallery

15th January 2018, Calendars reduced to £5 plus postage

13th January 2018, Sequencing workshop cancelled and 2 additional B&B accommodations added to events page

3rd January 2018, Date change to 5th May for Back to Basics,

3rd November 2017, AGM paperwork and workshops added

1st November 2017, Photos from Celia Lister’s Expressive Letters workshop have been added to the 2017 gallery

13th October 2017, Photos from Jan Turner’s Neuland Revisited workshop have been added to the 2017 gallery

11th October 2017, Photos from the Regional Day have been added to the website and to Facebook (more photos on FB).

2nd September 2017, Photos from Sylvie Gokulsung’s Family Tree workshop have been added to the 2017 gallery

20th August 2017, Photos from Viv Lloyd’s Secret Belgian Book Binding workshop have been added to the 2017 gallery

24th June 2017, Photos from Jan Mehigan’s workshop on Modern Versals have been added to the 2017 gallery

29th May 2017, CLAS Regional Day post added

21st May 2017, Photos from Marion McKenzie’s workshop on Potential with Pencils have been added to the 2017 gallery

2nd May 2017, Photos from Lin Kerr’s workshop on the Letters of David Jones have been added to the 2017 gallery

12th April 2017, 2017 gallery added

19th February 2017, CPS AGM documents updated.

17th November 2016, Photos from Michael Rust’s Lino Cut workshop added to the 2016 gallery

31st October 2016, CPS AGM documents uploaded.

20th October 2016, Photos from Josie Brown’s Exploiting Principles of Design workshop added to the 2016 gallery

10th September 2016, Photos from Mark L’Argent’s Anglo Saxon Minuscules workshop added to the 2016 gallery

11th July 2016, Photos from Mary Noble’s Emphasis and Contrast workshop added to the 2016 gallery

25th June 2016, Photos from James Farrell’s Spencerian workshop added to the 2016 gallery

26th May 2016, Photos from Sarah Bryant’s Box Making workshop added to the 2016 gallery

7th May 2016, Photos from Medieval Decorated Capitals and Adolf Bernd workshops added to 2016 gallery

20th February 2016, Extra date added to Lin Kerr’s Adolf Bernd workshop.

14th December 2015, Envelope Exchange – Thank you Peter

14th December 2015, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from all at CPS

13th December 2015, Information added regarding the Japanese Calligraphy article in newsletter

18th November 2015, Date of 2016 AGM corrected on the CPS Workshop details 2016 document

9th November 2015, Notice of AGM & Membership Info (new rate) & Events page updated

3rd November 2015, Photos of the Fun Foldies workshop added to Workshops Gallery 2015

25th October 2015, 2016 CPS calendar available to order

25th October 2015, Photos of the Brush Roman Capitals workshop added to Workshops Gallery 2015

17th October 2015, Call for calligraphic work from CPS members to be sold within Xross-PolyNation

9th September 2015, Photos of the Pointed Pen Uncial workshop added to Workshops Gallery 2015

12th August 2015, Amendments to the Tuition page

11th August 2015, Photos of the Fraktur workshop added to Workshops Gallery 2015

7th July 2015, Poster for the Hythe Exhibition added

12th May 2015, Photos of Rhythm and Texture workshop added to Workshops Gallery 2015

25th May 2015, Photos of Canterbury Exhibition added to the Exhibitions Gallery

12th May 2015, Photos of Pointed Italic workshop added to Workshops Gallery 2015

12th May 2015, Heraldic Maps workshop cancelled.

19th April 2015, Photos of Pen Manipulation workshop added to Workshops Gallery 2015

14th April 2015, Poster for Canterbury Exhibition added

3rd March 2015, Commissioning Work page added

16th February 2015, Notice to members regarding exhibitions for 2015

4th February 2015, Change of date for Fun Foldies (now 31st October)

29th January 2015, Notice regarding subScribes for 2015 added to posts

12th January 2015, 2015 Membership Form and 2015 Workshop Booking Form updated

7th December 2014, Celtic Calendar Pages and Christmas Card Competition Winner uploaded

20th November 2014, Members’ Gallery and Exhibitions Gallery reinstated

16th November 2014, Gallery added of the 2014-2016 Folkestone Triennial Project

16th November 2014, Special Edition of CLAS’ The Edge

16th November 2014, Photos added to the 2014 Gallery – Romanesque Decorated Capitals

11th November 2014, AGM invitation uploaded and Events page updated for 2015

9th November 2014, Website problems – photos missing through website – also links page not working.

1st November 2014, CPS Decorated Capitals Calendar available to order (by 15th November please)

29th October 2014, 15 photos from the Modern Brush Lettering workshop added to 2014 gallery

29th October 2014, Previous workshops page updated to include 2014 workshops

7th October 2014, Photos added to Cranbrook Exhibition page and Main Exhibition page

26th September 2014, Posters added for Folkestone Triennial and Cranbrook Exhibitions.

24th September 2014, Photos uploaded to the 2014 Gallery – Japanese Brush Calligraphy.

11th September 2014, Entry form for Cranbrook exhibition uploaded

8th September 2014, History of Illuminated Pages added to events page (25th & 26th October)

19th August 2014, subScribe has been cancelled for Saturday 6th September 2014.

28th July 2014, Photos uploaded to the 2014 Gallery – Simple Illustrations.

28th June 2014, Photos uploaded to the 2014 Gallery – Batarde.

29th May 2014, Photos uploaded to the 2014 Gallery – Inspired by The V&A.

25th May 2014, Twitter account deactivated.

7th April 2014, Photos uploaded to the 2014 Gallery – Dry Layering Technique.

7th April 2014, Added sub-menus to the Gallery menu option for easier navigation.

6th April 2014, Accommodation section of the Events Page expanded

6th April 2014, Added links to CLAS festival and study day to the Events Page

10th March 2014, Photos uploaded to 2014 Gallery – Celtic Decorated Capitals

27th February 2014, List of past workshops added

20th February 2014, Our sympathies to the family of CPS member Linden Harris. Rest in Peace

7th February 2014, URGENT: Penny Price workshop on Cnut Hand has been cancelled

12th January 2014, Booking confirmations emails have been sent out

22nd December 2013, Events page: AGM date for 2014 corrected to 6th December

16th December 2013, Season’s Greetings from all of us at CPS

12th December 2013, A journey from historic to contemporary removed from events page

12th December 2013, 2013 AGM removed from events page.

28th November 2013, Letters After Lindisfarne gallery added.

3rd November 2013, AGM Notice and paperwork added

3rd November 2013, Membership subscription renewal form and Workshop booking form added.

1st November 2013, Deal Exhibition poster removed from front page. You can still see it here.

29th October 2013, 2013 Workshop Gallery updated

26th September 2013, Deal Exhibition details added

24th September 2013, Website updated to new design